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Piping Engineering Syllabus

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Introduction and Overview of Piping Industry and Piping Engineer
Piping basic Engineering
Piping Shape
Piping Material
Selection of Thick and Dia
Piping Flexibility
Piping Components and Types
Piping Isometric
Selection of code and Standards
Piping Supports and Hangers
Indroduction about P&ID,PFD Diagrams
Piping Insulation
Equipment and Piping Layout
Piping Detail Engineering

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Pressure Vessel Design Syllabus

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Chapter 1:

Introduction to Pressure Equipments in Process Industries

Pressure Vessels

  • Cylindrical Vessels
  •  Spheres

 Jacketed Vessels

  •  Conventional Jackets
  •  Half-Pipe or Limpet Coils
  •  Dimple Jackets
  •  Plate Coils




 Heat Exchangers

  •  Plate Type Heat Exchangers
  • Double Pipe Exchangers
  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Air-cooled Exchanger

Chapter 2:

Pressure Vessel, Column and Reactors Design

 Stress and Various Stress Theories

 Components of Pressure Vessels and Fabrication Methods

                   • Pressure Components
                              Heads or Dish Ends and Types
                              Nozzles and Reinforcement Pads
                              Nozzle Flanges and Types
                              Girth Flanges and Types
                   • Non-Pressure Components
                              Supports (Leg, Lugs or Bracket, Saddles and Skirt)
                              Vessel and Manway Davits
                              Hand holes and Hinges
                              Earthing Lugs
 Name Plate and Brackets
 Pipe and Platform Support Clips
                              Insulation and Fire Proofing Supports
                              Lifting Lugs, Lifting Trunnions and Tailing Lugs
                              Anchor/Mounting Bolts
• Internal components in Pressure Vessels
 • Method of attachment of various components to Pressure Vessels

                          Design Parameters
Operating Pressure and Temperature
Design Pressure and Temperature
Minimum Design Metal Temperature (MDMT)
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP)
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure New and Cold (MAPNC)
Tan Line and Weld Line in Pressure Vessel
Corrosion Allowance
Liquid Density and Calculation of Pressure due to Static Head
Service Requirements
Various loadings to be considered in design
                          Material Science
Materials of Construction (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Non-Ferrous Materials)
Material Selection
Cryogenic Service Requirements
                          Design Codes and their scope
ASME Sec VIII Div.1, Div.2 and Div.3, PD-5500, GB-150 etc.
Scope and Structure of ASME Sec VIII Div.1
Other Codes/Standards to be referred and their scope
                                                        ASME B16.5
                                                        ASME B16.47
                                                        ASME B16.9
                                                        ASME B36.10
                                                        ASME B16.20
                                                        ASME Sec II-A, Sec II-B and Sec II-D
 Inspection and Testing in Pressure Vessels
                         Destructive Testing
                                                        Impact Testing and ASME Requirements
                          Non-Destructive Testing
                                                        Hydrostatic Test and ASME Requirements
Pneumatic Testing and ASME Requirements
                                                        Radiography and ASME Requirements including Joint Efficiencies
Magnetic Particle Examination
                                                        Liquid Penetrant Examination
                                                        Ultrasonic Examination
Ferrite Test
Helium Leak Test
 Heat Treatments in Pressure Vessels

Explanation about various Tools in PV-Elite

Design Constraints in PV-Elite

Load Cases and Options in PV-Elite

                           Wind Data and Seismic Data in PV-Elite

                           Shell and Dish End Design for Internal/External Pressure and Practice in PV-Elite

                           Girth Flange Design and Practice in PV-Elite

                           Support Design and Practice in PV-Elite

                          Welded Flat Design and Practice in PV-Elite

                           Nozzle/Reinforcement Design and Practice in PV-Elite

                            Selection of Nozzle Flange Rating

                            Local Loads on Nozzle/Shell Junction and Local Load Analysis as per WRC-107, WRC-297 and  PD-5500

                            Modeling Platform, Packing and Trays in PV-Elite

                           Adding Weights and Forces/Moments in PV-Elite

                           Concept of Lining in Pressure Vessels

Weld Overlay

 Lining and Insulation in PV-Elite

                            Design of Half-Pipe or Limpet Coils in PV-Elite

                            Various considerations in Column and Reactor Design

 Report generation and errors/warnings in PV-Elite

                            Practice Exercises in PV-Elite

 Chapter 3:

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Design

 Scope of Tubular Exchanger Manufacturer’s Association (TEMA)

 Various configuration of Shell & Tube Exchangers as per TEMA

 Spacing requirements in layout for Removable Bundle Exchangers

                              Various classes in TEMA (R,C &B)

                               Components of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers and Purposes
                               Pressure Components
                                                     Channel Shell/Bonnet
                                                     Tube Sheets
                                                     Girth Flanges
                                                     Tubes (Including Finned Tubes)
                                                     Nozzles and Reinforcement
                                                     Nozzle Flanges
Non-Pressure Components
 Supports (Leg, Lugs or Bracket, Saddles and Skirt)
                                                      Baffles, Tie Rods and Spacers
                                                      Earthing Lugs
                                                      Name Plate and Brackets
                                                      Pipe and Platform Support Clips
                                                      Insulation and Fire Proofing Supports
Lifting Lugs, Lifting Trunnions and Tailing Lugs
 Anchor/Mounting Bolts
Number of Passes and Pass-partition Plates
Impingement Plate, Rod and Distribution or Vapor Belts
Expansion Joints and Purpose
Method of attachment of various components to Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

                             Confined and Unconfined Joints

                            Dimensional standards and Fabrication Tolerances as per TEMA

 Introduction to Section UHX in ASME Sec VIII Div.1 and various configurations as per ASME

 Acceptable Tube to Tube Sheet Joints and EEMUA Recommendations

 Interfaces between Thermal and Mechanical Design

                             Design of Tube Sheet using PV-Elite

                             Practice Exercises in PV-Elite for common configuration of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

 Chapter 4:

Code Calc and Job Nature in EPC Companies

                             Component Modeling in Code Calc

                             Work Flow in EPC Companies and Interfaces of Vessel Engineer with other Disciplines of

Engineering, Client and Vendors


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SP3D Syllabus (Smart Plant 3D)

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 Volume : 1

Introduction Of SP3D   

Login of SP3D

  • Design Tasks
  • Workspace Explorer
  • Create System
  • Common Views
  • Zoom Tool
  • Window Area
  • Refresh View
  • Active View Control
  • Rotate View
  • Looking at Surface
  • Distance
  • Minimum Distance between Objects
  • Angle Tool
  • Style Format
  • Rules & Styles


  • View Orientation
  • Equipment Editing
  • Place Design Equipment
  • Design Equipment
  • Place Equipment Component
  • Place Shapes
  • Place Nozzles
  • Orientate Nozzle
  • Rotate Equipment
  • Replace Equipment
  • Equipment Coordination
  • Equipment Orientation
  • Copy of Equipment
  • Common View
  • Reference Move
  • Move Through
  • Pin Point
  • Rectangular Co-ordination
  • Spherical Co-ordination
  • Cylindrical Co-ordination
  • Relatively Tracking
  • Reposition Target
  • Global Co-ordination
  • Point Along
  • Along Reference


  • Create Grid System
  • Create Coordinate System
  • Lenior Grid
  • Plan Grid
  • Radial Grid
  • Edit Grid
  • Add Grid

Volume : 2

Pipe System                                                                                         

  • Create Pipe System
  • Create Pipe Line
  • Set Default
  • Start Pipe Features
  • Pipe Start from Position
  • Insert Component
  • Move Pipe Run
  • Dag Pipe
  • Slope Run Pipe
  • Modify Slope
  • Modify Component Slope
  • Rolling Pipe
  • Insulation Pipe
  • Modify Insulation
  • Create Branch
  • BOP Pipe
  • TOP Pipe
  • Pipe Orientation
  • Pipe Co-ordination
  • Insert Valve
  • Replace Valve
  • Spiting of Pipe
  • Insert tap
  • Generate Spool

  Volume : 3                           

Structure System                                                                                                                         

  • Member Creation
  • Connection type
  • Creating Beam & Column
  • Modify Beams & Colum
  • Using Grid Intersection method
  • Brazing Configuration
  • Framing members
  • Place Column at Grid Intersection
  • Split member
  • Trim
  • Convert to member System
  • Place Vessels Support
  • Place Slab
  • Slab Orientation
  • Slab Boundary
  • Place Opening
  • Slab create by 2d Sketch
  • Slab create by 3d view
  • Expand Slab
  • Slab offset
  • Place Wall
  • Modify wall
  • Ladder creation
  • Handrails creation
  • Staircase creation
  • Place Footing
  • Equipment Foundation

  Volume : 4

Hangers & Supports                                                                            

  • Place Support by Structure
  • Place Support by Point
  • Place Part
  • Modify Support
  • Place Lenior member
  • Place Assemble member

   Volume : 5

Electrical Cable Tray                                                                          

  • Electrical System
  • Cable Ways
  • Cable Tray
  • Define properties
  • Branch Run
  • Insert Branch
  • Placing Junction Box
  • Edit Cross Section
  • Multi way Cable
  • Insert Cable
  • Edit Cable
  • Cable marker

Ducting Work                                                                                                           

  • HVAC
  • Duct Routing
  • Spiting
  • In line Component
  • Surface movement Component

Volume : 6

ISO DRAFT                                                                                       

  • Create Drawing Query
  • Create Isometric Drawing
  • Setup Drawing
  • Save Package
  • Select Filter

Drawing & Reports                                                                                                 

  • Volume Drawing
  • Create Associate Drawing
  • Create Snapshot Drawing
  • Annotation
  • Dimension
  • Labeling
  • Template Edit
  • Create Detail View
  • Modify Detail View
  • Modify Dimension
  • Create & Modify Layer

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Pipeline and Piping component compliance

  • About Caesar
  • Basic operation
  • Purpose of stress analysing
  • Menu Commands
    • Node no & names, Element length, Pipe dia and Schedule, Temp& pressure
  • Special Elements
    • Bend, tee, reducer, rigid & expansion joint.
  • Boundary Conditions
    • Restrains, Displacements, Hanger & Nozzle
  • Loading Condition
    • Force & Movement, Uniform Load, Wind & Wave Load
  • File menu, Edit menu, Model menu, Environment menu.
  • Types of Support and Support design
  • Spring hanger design
  • Support thickness calculation
  • Expansion loop design
  • Nozzle Load analysing
  • Nozzle WRC297, Nozzle API 650, Nozzle PD 5500
  • Static Analysing & Report Generation


Equipment and Component Compliance

  • Intersection Stress Intensification Factors Analysing
  • Bend Stress Intensification Factors Analysing
  • WRC 107 (Vessel Stresses) Analysing
  • WRC Bulletin 297 Analysing
  • Flange Leakage/Stress Calculations Analysing
  • Remaining Strength of Corroded Pipelines, B31G Analysing
  • Expansion Joint Rating Analysing
  • NEMA SM23 (Steam Turbines) Analysing
  • API 610 (Centrifugal Pumps) Analysing
  • API 617 (Centrifugal Compressors) Analysing
  • API 661 (Air Cooled Heat Exchangers) Analysing
  • Heat Exchange Institute Standard For Closed Feed water Heaters Analysing
  • API 560 (Fired Heaters for General Refinery Services) Analyzing

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PDMS Course Syllabus

Tags : 

Volume: I 

Equipment Modeling 

  • Basic:- Introduction about Piping & PDMS, Project, Modules, Login, etc.,
  • General Utilities:- Working with 3D view, Using command window, Clash detection Representation tools, working Plane, Construction lines
  • Create Equipment:- Creating Primitives, Creating Standard Equipment Utilities, Attributes, Attributes Global, Hierarchy, Create Primitives using command window, Dragging and Orientation of Equipment.
  • Modify Equipment:- Modifying Standard Equipment, Properties, Equipment Specification, Nozzle Specification,  Positioning Equipment, Model editor, etc., 


Pipe Works 

  • Pipe work modeling:- Pipe work Hierarchy, Pipe work Orientation, Create Branch, Connecting  pipe, Placing pipe, Branch Replacing, Pipe create by model editor, Pipe creation  by command line, Create insulation of pipe, Material selection of pipe, Create Co-ordinate piping
  • Modify pipe routing:- Modify Branch, Modify Specification, Modify Orientation, Reselect of branch,  Branch explicitly, Modify connection type, Modify BOP/TOP, Drag  piping, Route  splitting, Change Co-ordinate.
  • Piping Orientation:- Pipe Sloping, Auto Sloping, Component orientation, Sloping and falling of   pipeline Stub Connection
  • Pipe work Utility:- Data consistency, Class checking, Type of clash checking, Check flow of   Piping, Piping reference, Piping connection, Isometric production, Branch  splitting, Material take off Rectification of pipe Routing Error.

Volume: III 


  • Beams & Columns:- Creating a Sections, Orientation of Beams, Joint Specification, Modifying Section Profile, Base Plate Creation, Material Apply, Weight Calculation, Section Justification, Definition.
  • Panels & Plates:- Brazing Connection, Creating Panels, Negative Extrusion, Modifying Panel, Panel Fittings, Panel Penetration, etc., Panel Connect & Trim Split Panel.
  • Walls & Floors:- Creating Walls & Floors, Applying Fittings for Walls & Floor, Miter Ends and Extension of Walls & Floors, Length, Material & Weight Calculation, and Quantity of Bricks
  • ASL Modeller:- Creating a Platform, Stair, Ladders, Floor Penetration, Modifying Platform Joints, Positioning of Platform, Stairs, and Ladders, ASL setting Connect & Position reference


Supports & Electrical Works 

  • Hangers & Supports:- Creating of Supports in Pipe Rack, Modifying the Hangers & Supports in the Pipe Rack
  • HVAC:- Creating Inline Plant Equipment like AHU, Duct Routing, Applying Grid and Tiles on grid, Specification Generator, CG and Surface area Calculation, etc.,
  • Cable Tray:- Creating Electrical Cable Trays and Modification, Modification of Cable Tray Specification
  • Create:- Create Cableway, Create Cableway branch, Branch Elements, Route Point, Route Node, Rote Attachment Point, Material Control Node.
  • Modify:- Cableway, Cableway Branch, Branch Elements, Route Point, Route Node, Route Attachment Point, Cable way System, Material, Control Node


Drawing Manager 

  • Drafting:- Generating 2D View from 3D, Creating Labels, Dimensioning, Auto Drawing Production, Copy of View Alignment, Text Creation and Modification, Scaling of Drawing, Schedule and Tagging, Interface to Other Soft ware’s like Auto CAD, Micro Station View, and 2d Construction.
  • ISO Generation:- Creating Iso Metric Drawing, Convert to DXF; Generate BOM, and Preparing ISO Metric Fabrication Drawing.


Reporters & Utilities 

  • Spooler:- Fabrication Drawing, Erection Drawings, Advance Material, Pipe line Spool break, Convert to Pipe line Spool break, Convert to AutoCAD. Joint detail, Weld detail.
  • Report Generation:- Quick Reports, Nozzle Schedule, Pipe MTO, Steel MTO, Valve Schedule, Report Study.
  • PDMS Commands:- Commands are use to Create the Utilities like Primitives, Equipment, Pipe work, etc.,