PDMS Course Syllabus

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PDMS Course Syllabus

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Volume: I 

Equipment Modeling 

  • Basic:- Introduction about Piping & PDMS, Project, Modules, Login, etc.,
  • General Utilities:- Working with 3D view, Using command window, Clash detection Representation tools, working Plane, Construction lines
  • Create Equipment:- Creating Primitives, Creating Standard Equipment Utilities, Attributes, Attributes Global, Hierarchy, Create Primitives using command window, Dragging and Orientation of Equipment.
  • Modify Equipment:- Modifying Standard Equipment, Properties, Equipment Specification, Nozzle Specification,  Positioning Equipment, Model editor, etc., 


Pipe Works 

  • Pipe work modeling:- Pipe work Hierarchy, Pipe work Orientation, Create Branch, Connecting  pipe, Placing pipe, Branch Replacing, Pipe create by model editor, Pipe creation  by command line, Create insulation of pipe, Material selection of pipe, Create Co-ordinate piping
  • Modify pipe routing:- Modify Branch, Modify Specification, Modify Orientation, Reselect of branch,  Branch explicitly, Modify connection type, Modify BOP/TOP, Drag  piping, Route  splitting, Change Co-ordinate.
  • Piping Orientation:- Pipe Sloping, Auto Sloping, Component orientation, Sloping and falling of   pipeline Stub Connection
  • Pipe work Utility:- Data consistency, Class checking, Type of clash checking, Check flow of   Piping, Piping reference, Piping connection, Isometric production, Branch  splitting, Material take off Rectification of pipe Routing Error.

Volume: III 


  • Beams & Columns:- Creating a Sections, Orientation of Beams, Joint Specification, Modifying Section Profile, Base Plate Creation, Material Apply, Weight Calculation, Section Justification, Definition.
  • Panels & Plates:- Brazing Connection, Creating Panels, Negative Extrusion, Modifying Panel, Panel Fittings, Panel Penetration, etc., Panel Connect & Trim Split Panel.
  • Walls & Floors:- Creating Walls & Floors, Applying Fittings for Walls & Floor, Miter Ends and Extension of Walls & Floors, Length, Material & Weight Calculation, and Quantity of Bricks
  • ASL Modeller:- Creating a Platform, Stair, Ladders, Floor Penetration, Modifying Platform Joints, Positioning of Platform, Stairs, and Ladders, ASL setting Connect & Position reference


Supports & Electrical Works 

  • Hangers & Supports:- Creating of Supports in Pipe Rack, Modifying the Hangers & Supports in the Pipe Rack
  • HVAC:- Creating Inline Plant Equipment like AHU, Duct Routing, Applying Grid and Tiles on grid, Specification Generator, CG and Surface area Calculation, etc.,
  • Cable Tray:- Creating Electrical Cable Trays and Modification, Modification of Cable Tray Specification
  • Create:- Create Cableway, Create Cableway branch, Branch Elements, Route Point, Route Node, Rote Attachment Point, Material Control Node.
  • Modify:- Cableway, Cableway Branch, Branch Elements, Route Point, Route Node, Route Attachment Point, Cable way System, Material, Control Node


Drawing Manager 

  • Drafting:- Generating 2D View from 3D, Creating Labels, Dimensioning, Auto Drawing Production, Copy of View Alignment, Text Creation and Modification, Scaling of Drawing, Schedule and Tagging, Interface to Other Soft ware’s like Auto CAD, Micro Station View, and 2d Construction.
  • ISO Generation:- Creating Iso Metric Drawing, Convert to DXF; Generate BOM, and Preparing ISO Metric Fabrication Drawing.


Reporters & Utilities 

  • Spooler:- Fabrication Drawing, Erection Drawings, Advance Material, Pipe line Spool break, Convert to Pipe line Spool break, Convert to AutoCAD. Joint detail, Weld detail.
  • Report Generation:- Quick Reports, Nozzle Schedule, Pipe MTO, Steel MTO, Valve Schedule, Report Study.
  • PDMS Commands:- Commands are use to Create the Utilities like Primitives, Equipment, Pipe work, etc.,


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