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CAESAR II Syllabus

Pipeline and Piping component compliance

  • About Caesar
  • Basic operation
  • Purpose of stress analysing
  • Menu Commands
  • Node no & names, Element length, Pipe dia and Schedule, Temp& pressure
  • Special Elements
  • Bend, tee, reducer, rigid & expansion joint.
  • Boundary Conditions
  • Restrains, Displacements, Hanger & Nozzle
  • Loading Condition
  • Force & Movement, Uniform Load, Wind & Wave Load
  • File menu, Edit menu, Model menu, Environment menu.
  • Types of Support and Support design
  • Spring hanger design
  • Support thickness calculation
  • Expansion loop design
  • Nozzle Load analysing
  • Nozzle WRC297, Nozzle API 650, Nozzle PD 5500
  • Static Analysing & Report Generation

Equipment and Component Compliance

  • Intersection Stress Intensification Factors Analysing
  • Bend Stress Intensification Factors Analysing
  • WRC 107 (Vessel Stresses) Analysing
  • WRC Bulletin 297 Analysing
  • Flange Leakage/Stress Calculations Analysing
  • Remaining Strength of Corroded Pipelines, B31G Analysing
  • Expansion Joint Rating Analysing
  • NEMA SM23 (Steam Turbines) Analysing
  • API 610 (Centrifugal Pumps) Analysing
  • API 617 (Centrifugal Compressors) Analysing
  • API 661 (Air Cooled Heat Exchangers) Analysing
  • Heat Exchange Institute Standard For Closed Feed water Heaters Analysing
  • API 560 (Fired Heaters for General Refinery Services) Analyzing

Our Special

  • Our Faculties are all well educated and well experienced in Piping
  • Students can get an individual system.
  • Students can get Real Project
  • Less course fee when compare with other institutes.
  • Best quality
  • Students can get a life time ID Card. That will be useful to them for life time practices.
  • After the course completion, student's knowledge will be equal to minimum 1 year experienced person's knowledge
  • Our students are all coming from various parts of India and other Countries. So knowledge Sharing is happening here.
  • We will issue the materials for the course (Piping material, Drawing and Exercise Material)
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